Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sovtek Big Muff Pi Bass Mods

My friend Allen, who plays bass and sings for BombenKinder, asked me to fix up his 90's era Sovtek Big Muff Pi - I did some quick recordings with a fender jazz bass going through the pedal into a yamaha 115b-50 bass combo amp.
In the before clip; you hear a lot of hum due to the unregulated power supply that was connected via bare wire to the board.  The sound has a lot of punch due to the larger input caps of the Russian Big Muffs, but it is somewhat muddy overall.
I started my modifications by removing the first stage soft clipping diodes, and lowering the gain of the feedback loop  The coupling cap from the first to second stage was changed from .1uf to 1uf for more thump. Then I changed the series cap in the second clipping stage from .047uf to 1uf, and put the diodes I took from the first stage in series with the second stage diodes to smooth out the clipping and give the distortion a little more bite.
I reduced the value of the emitter resistors on Q1 and Q2 from 390 ohms to 300 ohms (this mod makes more difference on bass than it will with guitar) to increase the bass saturation.
Finally I added a switch to bypass the big muff tone stack for 6db of boost without the frequency loss imposed by the tone stack.  A 2.1mm power jack and a regulated 9vdc supply killed the hum and the pedal now officially kicks ass!
= this page was very helpful ; 
Before by Soundboy.Massacre
Double diodes by Soundboy.Massacre

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Demo Video

Hello Kats and Kitties! Check out this new demo video, featuring the fantastic guitar stylings of Andy Summers.

Monday, November 7, 2011

More Soundboy Massacre, Pleeeeeeeze

Check out the video; I'm showing off the Wobbler sound effect on a microKorg bass synth. Produced at the studios of Max Bent ;A guitar demo is in the works, too.

Friday, October 28, 2011

First Wobbler pedal shipment going to Action Music

The first shipment of Soundboy Massacre's new dual-oscillator, frequency modulating tremolo effects pedal, the Wobbler, is going to Action Music of Falls Church, VA.  I just printed up some fresh graphics for the boxes, with an exotic pattern inspired by the petroglyphs of the Anasazi tribe.  The basis for the pattern is the Anasazi symbol for "meander", which I think is a suitable synonym for "wobble".